Home Cure For Asthma?

A recent asthma statistics shows that this chronic disease now affects more than 17 million people in the United States and, which shows a significant increase of 2.5 million people in the past five years, the number of asthma patients also reached more than 300 million of people around the globe. Asthma is the number one chronic disease among children, affecting more than 5.5 million child in the United States and more than 30 million children around the world.

home cure for asthmaAsthma is a disease in the airways in lungs and which could be triggered by air pollutants, pollens, molds, dust, animal (pet hair or dander), chemicals, foods, exercise, strong emotions and sometimes even temperature change. The symptoms of asthma could last from minutes to days the symptoms are caused by inflammation, which makes the airways red, swollen, narrower and extra sensitive to irritants and would lead to recurrent attacks such as producing wheezing sound, cough and extreme difficulty for breathing.

Mild attacks could be settled without asthma treatment or alternative asthma treatment, but the asthma situation is different from person to person. If you are experiencing a serious asthma attack , you should seek medical help from a doctor or specialist.

These are some of the symptoms you may face when you get a serious asthma attack. Bluish color to the lips and face, decreased level of alertness, severe drowsiness, extreme difficulty in breathing, rapid pulse, severe anxiety and heavy sweating.

There is no known cure for asthma to date, but the good news is that asthma being such a common disease in the U.S. and worldwide, there are many remedies and treatment that can relief and manage the disease, enabling an asthma patient to lead a normal life like everyone else.

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In addition to working with your doctor or specialist, you can use home cure for asthma to help control your asthma. You may also utilize the help of alternative asthma treatment and natural remedies asthma for best results in controlling the disease.

An asthma patient should never smoke, the most effective asthma treatment and alternative asthma treatment would be of no use if you or someone who is close to you smokes. Even using the most expensive air filter at home won’t make any difference if you don’t practice the right home cure for asthma. The key of having a life free of asthma is to track down all the ‘asthma triggers’ and you should make every effort and attempt to eliminate it from your life.

  • The best approach in home cure for asthma is by seizing to have a pet. You should NOT have any pets such as dogs, cats or birds because these animals fur and hair can actuallt trigger and asthma attack! Sometimes, the problem is not the fur or hair but the dander, which is the dead skin that flakes off from the the animals body.

However, if you still insist of having a pet,then here are some home cure for asthma steps you can follow closely. Make sure you keep suitable distance from your pet and you should try your best to avoid direct contact with the pet. No kissing, smutching etc. In addition, make sure you keep your pet clean by washing it as often as possible (twice weekly with warm water is the best). Bathing the  animal regularly,  in this way could significantly reduces the allergen in your pet’s fur.

  • In any form of asthma treatment or alternative asthma treatment, the most important advice asthma patients would get is to give up  smoking. Tobacco smoke and tar are powerful irritants and can trigger asthma. Tobacco smoke is one of the worst irritants known, it paralyzes the tiny hair-like cilia along the mucous membranes of the respiratory track, it also reduces out immune responses and leaves a smoker far more likely to upper respiratory infection. If any of your family members has asthma, you should stop smoking too because secondhand smoke is particularly harmful to babies, children and even the elderly folks at home.
  • Paying attention to weather change can also help in keeping asthma at bay. For example, knowing your bodies sensitivity to the different types of weather, cold or hot, humid or dry, can significantly help you understand your body and asthma triggers better. In fact, you may keep a journal by recording the different temperatures on different times of the day as well as different times in a season change affects you.
  • Asthma patients should stay indoors as much as possible. Especially when the weather is very cold as a rush of cold air might very possibly cause a spasm in the bronchial tubes. Also you should stay indoors when the wind is very strong outside as strong winds can carry tiny particles which may trigger an asthma attack.

In conclusion, there are many different forms of treatment and alternative asthma treatment. You should finding a suitable treatment that could help you stay away from an asthma attack.

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